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Tandoori Hummus
Tandoori Hummus
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Tandoori Hummus

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What happens when you combine cuisines from 13 century Cairo and the 15 Century Fatehpur Sikri?

Allow us to present our grand, decadent and vibrant Tandoori Hummus!  Handcrafted and blended with seventeen spices to create a smoky, rich and creamy Tandoori; you will be compelled to double-dip!


Health Benefits: Packed with proteins that help in muscle development.

Highlight: 100% Organic. Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Intolerant, and Vegans.

Texture & Flavour: Creamy, Rich packed with never-ending tandoori flavour!

Shelf Life: 30 days refrigerated

CLICK HERE to know about some interesting recipes you can make with our hummus. 

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