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Beetroot Ricotta
Beetroot Ricotta
Beetroot Ricotta hummus
 Beetroot Ricotta - Nutrition Facts

Earthy Bliss

Beetroot Ricotta

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Introducing beetroot ricotta from our exclusive range of healthy hummus. A sublime blend of superior quality Beetroots, chickpeas and a dash of creamy ricotta to take your senses on a gastronomical adventure! A vibrant, colourful and healthy option for health enthusiasts! High in protein and also absolutely gluten-free! It is perfect for dipping and spreading over slices of bread, lavash, and pita chips.  

Health Benefits: Packed with proteins that help in muscle development. Beetroot acts as a natural antioxidant and immunity booster.   

Highlight: 100% Organic. Suitable for vegetarians and Gluten Intolerant

Texture & Flavour: Rich, smooth and creamy

Shelf Life: 30 days refrigerated

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