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Classic Hummus
Classic Hummus
Nutrition Facts - Organic Classic Hummus

Earthy Bliss

Classic Hummus

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Introducing the traditional food of the gods! From the land of the Levant to your plates! 

Our handpicked chickpeas add a hearty depth and layer to this classic! We can’t wait to bring our handmade range of Healthy Hummus, prepared by our in-house chefs, to your meze platters!

For all the Health enthusiasts out there, our hummus is high in protein, gluten-free & dairy-free.

Health Benefits: Packed with proteins that help in muscle development.

Highlight: 100% Organic. Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Intolerant, and Vegans.

Texture & Flavour: Rich, smooth and creamy

Shelf Life: 30 days refrigerated

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