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Earthy Bliss - Italian Herbs Sourdough Crisp
Italian Herbs Sourdough Crisp
 Nutrition Facts - Italian Herbs Sourdough Crisp

Earthy Bliss

Italian Herb Sourdough Crisps

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Sourdough isn't only for bread. A sourdough starter is an ecosystem of wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria that works together to add B-vitamins to grains, to break down gluten for better digestion. Experimenting with different ways of using it is one of the most satisfying experience for Earthy Bliss and we enjoy baking these sourdough crisp for you all. 

Italian Herb Sourdough Crisp is the perfect snack all on it's own and it is also a great accompaniment to cheese platters or for an extra treat, spread a dollop of our healthy hummus and enjoy. Made with the goodness of Italian herbs, which will take you on a mouth watering journey, wheat flour, and olive oil. These crisp are one of a kind experience for all sourdough lovers.