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Meethi Saunth
Earthy Bliss - Purani Dilli Ki Meethi Saunth
Meethi Saunth
Nutrition Facts - Meethi Saunth

Earthy Bliss

Meethi Saunth

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Earthy Bliss is bringing the flavors of Old Delhi right to your dinner table. Our Meethi Saunth is an authentic recipe originating from the streets of Old Delhi. It is a gluten-free, spicy, & savory condiment that pairs perfectly with Samosa, Dahi Bhalla, Chaat Papri, or with every meal. 

Instructions: Mix 1 Tablespoon of Earthy Bliss Meethi Saunth with 1/2 Tablespoon water to dilute. Dig in with samosa, pakora, chaat papri or any other delicacy you like. 

Health Benefits: 

Highlight: 100% Organic. Suitable for vegetarians, Vegans, & Gluten Intolerant

Texture & Flavour: Rich, smooth, Sweet & Spicy

Shelf Life: 3 Months refrigerated

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